Traders Union Awards – is an award ceremony, that determines the best companies based on the results of an independent voting. Anyone can participate in this voting and give their vote to the best, in their opinion, companies in 30 categories. This event will be widely covered through the major newswires, mediaportals, print and Internet publications as well. The Prize will be also made public on the issue-related forums.

Each person will be able to give only one vote in our voting. It will be monitored by the most advanced security system to avoid cheating in voting, it will filter out and delete fake votes if detected.

Voting rules:

1. Voting takes place on Traders Union Awards website only.

2. A person can vote for only one candidate in every category represented on the website, one time from one IP-address only for the whole period of voting.

3. Voting continue for 1 month. Starting date - on December 1st at 07:00 AM, GMT, date of completion - December 30th at 01:00 PM, GMT.

4. Results will be announced on the Prize website after the voting process.

5. Competent commission reserves the right to remove cheated votes.

Best regards,
Traders Union Awards Administration